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What you will learn

Email Marketing Course

Digital Skill Port is the Leader of Digital Marketing Training.

Email Marketing Basics
Introduction to email marketing

Learn email marketing skills with highly experienced professionals on live projects.

How Email Works
Up-to-date theory with practical orientation

Learn email functionalities with practical approach on live projects by industry experts.

Email Campaigns Creations
How to create effective email campaigns

Learn email campaign creations with lot of examples and case studies by professionals.

Online Email Marketing Training
Email Analytics
Measure the email campaigns performance

Learn the detailed nuances of email analytics to understand your campaigns performance.

How To Create Broadcast Emails
In-depth understanding by industry experts

Learn conceptual theory with real time practical approach by working professionals.

Improve ROI With A/B Testing
How to improve ROI with testing

Learn in-depth theory of 100% practical approach by highly experienced professionals.

Validate your knowledge

More than 10 Certifications

We will make you prepare for lot of certification programs like Google, Bing, Facebook etc.

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One Google

One Bing


The way of learning

Learning Process

Learn with conceptual theory, real time practical approach and case studies on 4 live projects.

Theory with
4 live Projects

We will make you aware of each and every kind of nuances of digital marketing with latest content, trends and strategies with 4 live projects.

Practical with
4 live Projects

We will make you able to implement each and every aspect of theory practically with 4 live projects to make you capable to get industry experience.

Case Studies with
4 live Projects

Learn with number of case studies of various modules like seo, google adwords, bing adwords, google analytics, mobile app marketing etc.


We offer digital marketing learning in such a way that anyone can easily crack the certifications of Adwords, Analytics, Facebook etc.

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Inhouse Corporate Trainings

Digital Skill Port offers corporate training with customized Digital Marketing modules.


  • Updated theory with 100% practical approach
  • Live projects based learning with real time case studies
  • Customized modules according to your requirements

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Educational Institutions

  • Conceptual theory on live projects
  • Industry experience with case studies and practical learning
  • Customized digital marketing modules to meet your requirements

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Today every business man, blogger and IT professional should be knowledgeable about e-mail marketing and so they should impart best online email marketing training. They should know to post advertisement effectively through email. Many people send their messages or post advertisement through email because; they can reach to several customers at a time. They can also effectively interact with the receiver and receive proper feedback from them. By imparting best online email marketing training, they can learn the basic techniques of online marketing and the ways to use online marketing tools effectively. They should understand the operations of the software effectively and hence they can use their creative skills to market their product in a right way.

By imparting best online email marketing training, the businessmen can learn to develop new techniques for marketing and also effectively establish their goal. You must choose an online tutor, who can explain the terms of marketing in a simple manner. The tutor trains you to generate leads and to effectively interact with the customers or clients. They also teach the students about important concepts of email marketing such as spam laws, creating useful content on email, branding of emails effectively, etc.

A good tutor also teaches about crafting of emails and the format, content and the design that should be used for effective emailing. The person can also view whether email campaigning has yielded effective results.

Besides, a person can learn many new techniques by imparting top online email marketing training. He can learn to build email list, increasing signups, ways to collect email addresses, automation of email marketing, building links, valuable offers, responding to block email and bouncing of emails. Besides, a student studies many concepts at depth by imbibing top online email marketing training. They will also learn to evaluate email alerts by analyzing data. A student can also learn the advanced functions of integrating emails with social media and marketing through mobile devices. A person can learn to write subject lines effectively because they capture the minds of the reader instantly.

A person will learn to send emails in an effective way by using appropriate content, format, design and titles. He is also taught briefly about cyber laws so that he can understand the internet policies comprehensively. Besides, he can learn more about the fundamentals of marketing. He can learn the basics of online marketing and also explore different aspects of digital marketing. So, he can learn some of the modern techniques of email marketing such as understanding the goal of the company and exploring some of the features such as conversion funnel, parts of digital marketing, and understanding the SEO techniques. He can learn to research for the right keyword effectively and explore various sites that are useful for the business. A person can learn to create a proper content strategy. In this way he can promote this business and develop a proper marketing target strategy. If he wants to learn the basics of email marketing, then he can impart affordable online email marketing training also.

In this way, he can measure his conversion goal and interpret the analytics of website, and he can get connected with various social networking sites and networks.

A best online email marketing institute teaches the students in a best possible manner about email marketing and the techniques to attract more customers. A person can learn to develop powerful content by using limited words. In an email, usually a person expresses in short words and hence he can learn the techniques to write better content. A best online email marketing institute usually trains the students about successful online campaign by using advanced technological devices such as search videos, digital channels and various display items. They provide powerful tutorial videos about mobile marketing and email marketing. They also teach the students to send emails through mobile devices.

A person should use proper tools and channels to send emails for marketing. Hence, a top online email marketing institute teaches the students to write a responsive HTML email. A top online email marketing institute always teaches the students to properly design HTML emails. So, a student can learn to send HTML emails using desktop, email readers, or even small-sized mobile devices. So, an affordable online email marketing institute provides training to the students about the basics and advanced techniques of email marketing.

So, a person can write such an email that is accessible to all the devices. He should use a proper format and a design so that the email that he writes is adaptable to all the devices. So, a best online email marketing training institute trains the students trains the students to write emails in different mail alerts using suitable format and design. A best online email marketing training institute also trains the students to write emails using advanced tools online such as graphics, shadow effects, rounded corners, etc. They also teach the students to create advanced functions such as creating call-to-action buttons, styling using CSS features, adding animation, and the ways to explore different tools and devices.

So, an affordable online email marketing training institute trains the students to write effective and attractive emails. The students are taught about various aspects such as creating graphics, properly formatting the content, creating different buttons, establishing layout structure, validation of code, using different web fonts, testing email in various clients accounts, and also styling the table rows, and creation of headline banner etc.

A student can study online email marketing at basic, intermediate and advanced level. After attaining certification from a recognized institute, he can enhance his career. He can attain a certificate course after completing his degree. In this way, he can attain a good salaried job and easily receive promotion in his job. Every businessman should know the basics of email marketing because he can easily promote his business and establish goals. He can attract many customers at a time and also create a good rapport with his customers. He can effectively interact with their customers or clients regularly.

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